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How to Floss Your Permanent Retainer

Posted by Dr. Jorgensen on October 11th, 2014
How to Floss Your Permanent Retainer

One of the most challenging things about having a permanent retainer is keeping it clean. Retainers that are bonded behind the teeth look nice and do their job pretty much without your help. Unfortunately they also tend to accumulate plaque and require more time and effort when you are flossing. As you know from my other articles, I’m not a fan of permanent retainers that are bonded to every tooth. Although they are the most reliable when it comes to preventing tooth movement after your braces come off, they are also the most difficult to care for afterwards. There are…

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What Is a Frenectomy and When Is It Necessary?

Posted by Dr. Jorgensen on June 1st, 2011
What Is a Frenectomy and When Is It Necessary?

  Orthodontic treatment involves more than just putting braces on your teeth. The teeth are just one part of your smile. Sometimes your orthodontist will recommend other procedures to help make your orthodontic treatment result the best it can be. One such procedure is a frenectomy. Successful orthodontic treatment creates a smile that is attractive, healthy, and stable. Achieving a stable result requires that your orthodontist consider the size and shape of the teeth, the position of the teeth in the bone, the pressure from the lips and tongue, and the condition of the surrounding soft tissues. Thick gums can…

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